5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Farmers

Posted on July 14, 2017

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Podcasts aren’t new, but these days it seems like everyone is talking about them. While there’s an abundance of shows about science, food, nature and culture, there aren’t that many shows about sustainable agriculture. With summer here and plenty of harvesting to do, we decided to dig around for the best farming shows out there!

A note for beginners: podcasts are like portable radio shows that you keep on your phone and listen to at any time. One reason they’re so popular is they’re super accessible - you can download them from the internet for free, then listen to them pretty much anywhere. Because they’re portable, and a great source of information - and inspiration! - they’re the perfect soundtrack for farming. Once they’re on your phone, you’re ready to hit the fields.

In no particular order, here are the best sustainable farming podcasts that we’ve found. Let us know if your favorite isn’t on this list!

Farmer to Farmer Podcast

This podcast is for farmers by farmers. Hosted by Chris Blanchard, who has been farming for over 25 years, the show covers everything from record-keeping to harvest methods to farmers’ market tips. Each week, Blanchard interviews a different farmer, asking questions about how they got started to nitty-gritty and even personal questions about their profits and work-life balance. At the core of the show is a conversation about the sustainability of the farm and the farming lifestyle. Start with episode 126, which is an interview with CNG farmer, Ray Tyler of Rose Creek Farms.

Greenhorns Radio

This show is described by Heritage Radio Network as “radio for young farmers, by young farmers,” and it’s hosted by a farmer, film-maker, and activist, Serene v T Fleming. Each episode features an interview with young farmers and ranchers. Check out Episode 233, a conversation with Darby Weaver of Sun Dog Farm in Georgia (formerly CNG) about what farming and bodies have in common.

The Female Farmer Project Podcast

Founded by Audra Mulkern, founder of “The Female Farmer Project”--a documentary project that chronicles the rise of women working in agriculture around the world--this podcast is a natural way to explore these themes. Each episode features in-depth interviews with female farmers, thus far covering topics ranging from traditional growing methods,  farming in arid environments, farm financing, and goat yoga. We recommend starting with Episode 1, which features San Xavier Co-op Farm in Arizona, a CNG farm on the Tohono O’odham Nation in Arizona.

The Ruminant Podcast

The Ruminant Podcast “wonders what good farming looks like.” Each episode, the host interviews farmers and leading thinkers in sustainable agriculture, covering everything from  high tunnels and biodegradable mulch to nutrition, to the ethics of farm apprenticeships. If you don’t have time to read the latest philosophy on food or farming, listen to this show instead.

We Dig Plants

If you love to nerd out about the Plant Kingdom, and are fascinated by stories about the history and different uses of plants, then this is the place for you! Their latest series, “Zone Envy,” tours the zones of the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, featuring growers and researchers in that region.