Greg Jubinsky, The Ragged Glory Farm, FL

Posted on April 09, 2013

FL_Greg_Jubinsky_-_The_Ragged_Glory_Farm_2012-09-12_10.37.29_(1).jpgMeet Greg Jubinsky. He's the founder and farmer of The Ragged Glory Farm, a small diversified vegetable and herb farm coming up on it's 4th year of production for market. You might not call Greg verbose, but he makes his words count. Below, he shares a few words about his farm, the local network he's part of, and some dark humor about what he'd be if here weren't a farmer.

Where is your farm? Havana Florida, located between Tallahassee and Georgia.

Who farms with you, if anyone? Solo act

Do you have any other jobs? I work as a Farmer Education Coordinator under a grant that primarily provides assistance to local farmers to participate in local markets 

FL_-_The_Ragged_Glory_2012-10-21_18.29.33.jpgWhat do you grow? Do you have a specialty? Focus on seasonal veggies with an emphasis on Asian greens.

How long have you been farming? 27 years, but only 3 for market.

How did you choose your farm name? About the time my wife and I
moved onto our land and started building our home and farm, Neil Young cut an album entitled "Ragged Glory". At that time in our lives, the majority of the tunes resonated with the issues we were dealing with at the time (most still do!). Still is a regular listen here.

What are your markets? 2 restaurants, our CSA, an on-line farmers market, and a downtown farmers market.

FL_Greg_Jubinsky_-_The_Ragged_Glory_-CNG_sign_2012-10-20_08.59.00.jpgWhy did you get involved with CNG? It was a natural fit.

How did you get into farming? I've had a backyard garden since I was in grade school; several years before retiring, I decide to expand operations and grow for market.

What made you want to become a farmer? I've always enjoyed growing plants; I had a landscape installation/maintenance business for several years, but now I chose to focus on plants to eat rather than plants to look at. 

What's your most positive farming experience? Growing good soil; without that, you cannot grow healthy plants.

FL_-_The_Ragged_Glory_garden.march_25_011.jpgHow do you further your farm learning? When the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance was formed nearly two years ago, in addition to serving as an on-line market, we wanted to offer workshops etc. for members. An unexpected plus was bringing farmers together to assist each other in farming and marketing issues.

Favorite vegetable:
Sweet potato

Favorite dish to cook at home: 
Anything stir-fry

Hero in the farming world: 
Wendell Berry

Most useful piece of clothing:
My wide brimmed straw hat

Favorite season: FL_-_The_Ragged_Glory_-_raised_bed_and_trellis_image_39341.jpg
Autumn; it's the best time to grow leafy greens and Asian veggies.

What would you be if you weren’t a farmer?
Probably dead.


For more info on The Ragged Glory Farm check out Greg’s website or his pages on the CNG website and Local Harvest, and be sure to take a look at the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance website he mentions. Check back soon - we have a blog post on them coming up!