Arranging Remote Inspections

Members who are automatically eligible to arrange a remote inspection can directly reach out to other CNG members listed on the map.

It is required that the inspecting member has conducted at least two in person inspections of two different farms. They must also be experienced with your type of production (i.e. livestock, produce, apiary, mushrooms or aquaqponics).

Be sure to ask them how many CNG inspections they've conducted, of how many different farms, before making any firm plans to have them conduct a remote inspection of your operation.

If possible, we recommend you look to identify a remote inspector who also meets these criteria:

  • Has been CNG certified since 2016 or earlier, and
  • Has conducted at least three inspections, and
  • Is not nearby, since the follow-up in person inspection (required of new members) should be done by a different inspector, and someone within an hour's drive.

If they don’t have enough inspection experience, then they’re not qualified to do a remote inspection. We recommend you prioritize contacting folks who have been with CNG for a long time, as indicated at the bottom of their profile, under Applications for CNG Status.

Both the member being inspected and the inspector should reference the Remote Inspection Checklists throughout the process (before, during and after the inspection).