Seeking Photos and Stories from CNG Growers and Beekeepers

Posted on June 26, 2018


Peer inspections are at the heart of our grassroots certification program. Farmers who participate know what they're like, but the general public - and your customers - may wonder: what does a peer inspection actually look like? And how is it helpful for your farm and business? We'd like to fill in that picture - and that's where you come in! 

Please tell us about your peer-inspection. What did you learn? Was there a new collaboration formed?

We'd love your photos, too! 

We're collecting them in this form. If you'd prefer to talk about it over the phone, let us know in the form and we'll call you!

Share Your Inspection Story

Your testimonial will help us improve CNG and build on what's valuable. It may even form the basis for a member profile. Rest assured, we will always ask for your permission before using your testimonial, and give you credit for your photos. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos. We really appreciate it! 

P.S. Please consider having a third person join your next inspection so they can document it with photos. 


Photo credit: S&H Farm, a CNG farm in North Carolina from 2011 - 2016