Show Your Pride

shirt_gals.pngOur movement grows stronger when we're visible. All CNG supporters can show their pride with fun stickers, embroidered patches and CNG T-shirts!

T-shirts are printed on-demand, according to your choice of design, shirt type, size, and color. 

Click here to order CNG T-shirts on our partner's website

CNG farmers may order marketing materials, too. All items except T-Shirts can be purchased in the CNG store. If you prefer to pay by check, use this Order Form


Bumper Stickers


Get one of each or a bunch to share.



Put some pride on your truck!
(Or your cooler, tractor, or water bottle!)

Embroidered Patch, Tag Sticker

 patch.PNG                      Tag_Sticker.PNG
Put one on your cap, jacket, backpack or bee suit!   Tag stickers look great on a phone, bicycle, laptop, or water bottle.


CNG farmers: highlight your CNG certification with logo stickers, twist ties, a laminated certificate, and custom signs. To view these items in the CNG store, you must be logged in to your CNG account. The marketing materials are only available to CNG certified producers. 


Twist Ties

Twist ties come in bundles of 500 in 12" and 18" lengths.

Colorful twist ties help your produce stand out at the market.

Signs and Posters 

Show your pride when presenting your farm products. 



Our Market Poster explains what Certified Naturally Grown means.


Logo Stickers 

Our logo stickers look great
on signs.
They also spiffy up containers or can go directly on produce. These come into two sizes - 1.5" and 0.75" diameter.


More Marketing Materials in Use ~ #CNGproud!



Going to an event? Print and share this flyer or order some printed Farmer Brochures in the CNG store.