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Small Producers Equipment Cooperative (southwestern Arizona)
We aim to maintain a collection of equipment appropriate for small scale farmers, ranchers, and beekeepers. We have selected equipment based on the needs we saw and how we could fill in the gaps. So far we have purchased:
-pull-behind combine (1966) that can handle wheat and other crops
-walk behind tractors and full set of implements
-honey extraction and processing equipment
-chicken pluckers
We are only in the beginning stages, and are still working out the logistics of housing, maintenance, fees, liabilities, and management. Contact: Jaime de Zubeldia,

Producers Working Group of the Pima County Food System Alliance (southern Arizona)
We're focused on supporting small rural and urban growers in Pima Co and neighboring counties. The Pima County Food System Alliance began in 2011 as a network of food system stakeholders (including nonprofits, public health and food access experts, small business owners, and food producers) to improve our food system and increase access to fresh healthy food in our communities. As of 2012, we are conducting a strategic planning and revisioning process to help us shape our role moving forward. Click here to visit PCFSA on Facebook.

The Producer Working Group is focused on supporting small producers by conducting a food system assessment, creating a database of farmers and what they are growing, increasing market access, assisting with marketing to institutions, facilitating discussions around policies and regulations that apply to small producers. We hosted a one-day conference in March 2012, and are currently collaborating on a Southwestern Growers Conference for the future. Contact Jaime De Zubeldia,, for more information or if you'd like to be involved. 

Tucson-area Small Growers
We are a loose ad hoc network of small growers and friends. Between us we share equipment (implements, seeders, etc.), swap volunteers and labor, share extra transplants and onion starts, and share advice.



Living Lands Agrarian Network (Nevada City Area)
Mission statement: 
Living Lands Agrarian Network provides training and mentorship to a new generation of farmers.  Our unique model of cooperative, sustainable agriculture integrates education, resource sharing, community partnerships and celebration around the food we grow.  We practice and promote small-scale agriculture as part of the larger movement to create localized and sustainable food systems that are healthy for people and the planet.

Our Model
: We offer training and mentorship in sustainable agriculture through our diverse network of farmers and farms.  When trainees are ready to begin their own independent farming business, we offer access to land, infrastructure, continued mentorship, as well as venues for farm sales to help them get a successful start.  Our model is dependent on local community members who value the importance of local, sustainable agriculture.  Our farms are located on private property owned by local land-owners who value the opportunity to host a sustainable farm. Contact: Farmer Amanda,

New Farmers of the Central Coast
New Farmers of the Central Coast connects young, beginning and mentor farmers and ranchers in an open forum to provide us with the education, opportunities and resources necessary to succeed in this new age of farming. Contact:, find us on facebook and visit our website

San Diego Growers
We are increasing the long-term viability and enhancing economic opportunities for local farmers through the establishment of a Regional Food Hub. A Regional Food Hub is an integrated food distribution system to coordinate agricultural  production and the aggregation, storage, processing, distribution and  marketing of locally and regionally-produced food products.  We are...
-U.S. producers within 25 miles of San Diego County
-Biodiverse and sustainable
-GMO and GE-free
Contact: Jonathan Reinbold, Tierra Miguel Farm,, 760-742-4213, Please visit our website at


Sierra C.R.A.F.T. (Sierra Mountains)
We are a farmer-led coalition of small farmers from Sierra, Plumas, Yuba, Nevada, Placer and Eldorado Counties in the Sierra Mountains of California. We host a listserve, organize a mentorship program, host workshops, and hold monthly farmer-to-farmer networking breakfasts.

We believe that farmers learn most effectively from other farmers and so we work to facilitate those opportunities for existing farmers and farm workers, as well as for the next generation of farmers.

The Mission of Sierra CRAFT is threefold: (1) Provide on-farm field days throughout the year to facilitate the exchange of information among farmers and ranchers; (2) Create and manage a listserv to facilitate communication among farmers and ranchers; and (3) Provide regular farm business planning classes to encourage the adoption of business practices that will improve the economic viability of Sierra Nevada farms.

Sierra CRAFT is funded by a grant from the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program of the United States Department of Agriculture and is wholly administered by farmers and ranchers in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Visit us online and join our listserve



Fruit Growers in Western Colorado
This is an informal group of about 5-6 fruit growers in Western Colorado. Contact: Lonnie Tate from Tate Orchard's,, 970-250-6371

North Fork Valley C.R.A.F.T.
The Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) is run regionally around the world to bring established farmers and apprentices together for educational training in sustainable agriculture.  The strength of the North Fork growing community is that it holds many diverse agriculture-based operations within a small area. Working collaboratively, farmers in the North Fork Valley can offer a broad experience to their interns, and a deeper understanding of farming as a business and way of life.  

The North Fork CRAFT Program consists of a Lecture/Farm Tour Series from April to September on participating farms.  V.O.G.A. (Valley Organic Growers Association) has received a grant from the Kampe Foundation to sponsor the North Fork Valley CRAFT Program.  The program is free to interns sponsored by a V.O.G.A. farm member.

The series runs the first Tuesday of each month, from April through October.  A tour of the sponsoring farm will start promptly at 6:30pm.  Instruction will continue until 8:00, with a VOGA provided dinner following, program ends at 9:00.  Participants may bring a local dish to share, but this is not required.  An intern Round Table including the sharing of current events, experiences and requests for support will accompany dinner. Click here for the schedule for the current year. For more information, visit Contact: Lynn Ruoff,, 970-319-9434

Valley Organic Growers Association (VOGA)
This is a grassroots organization of growers that formed in 1992 in the North Fork Valley of the Gunnison River “to network growers, educate consumers and promote the benefits of sustainable agriculture.”  Some of VOGA’s major activities include:
-Publishing a directory of producers in the region
-Winter lecture and farm tour series that meets once a month from October through mid-March
-Organizing the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (C.R.A.F.T.) to provide continuing education and training for opportunities for farmers, apprentices, and intern
-Providing a forum for farmers to exchange information, socialize, and develop a sense of community.
-Bringing farmers together so that they can collaborate based on jointly-identified needs (for example, cooperative purchasing of supplies, or a joint CSA).
Contact: [email protected], and visit our website

Boulder County Farmers Market - informal network
A group of about 10 produce vendors all selling at the Boulder County Farmers Market. This network is ad hoc and informal, though we see each other on a weekly basis at the market and exchange advice on growing challenges and to share information regarding vendors and suppliers. 

Southwest Colorado Growers
We are a loose group of CNG and other farmers. We do bulk orders on some seeds, we barter and share services and supplies and along with other community groups are organizing an Ag Roundtable. There is movement towards a producers Coop starting with a storefront market or distribution center. Click here for a brief profile. Contact: Mary Vozar,


New Mexico

Taos Women Farmers
Our group of 8-10 women began meeting in January 2010 to discuss aspects of farm planning. In 2012 we met 2x: January and March. Many of us are beekeepers. We enjoy sharing seed sources, planting information, labor referrals and visiting each others' farms, viewing documentaries. Each of us is active in different community projects, some of us run CSAs and some do both farmers' markets and CSA and/or restaurant marketing. Contact: Gael Minton, Squash Blossom Farm,



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