Spring(!) Newsletter - 2014

Posted on April 07, 2014

Collage_for_Blog.jpgAre you as ready for spring as we are? 

This winter we've been busy reviewing a wave of new applications, connecting with new and old friends at winter conferences, and organizing our first-ever regional event: A Gathering of the Farmers. Read on to get the skinny.

Here's to another rewarding year of growth and community-building together. As always, feel free to get in touch with your ideas and feedback. We love to hear from you! 



 Only Organic?

only-organic-brown_(1).jpgDid you happen to catch the video campaign by Organic Voices taking aim at the misuse of the word "Natural" by big food companies? (If not, you should - they are pretty funny.) 

That "Natural"-washing by companies gets under our skin too, and we applaud the overall spirit of the new video. But we strongly object to the exclusionary and false conclusion of the Organic Voices video, and we won't join them in conceding yet another valuable word to big agribusiness. 

Read CNG's response. If you like what you see, join the 160 others who've signed on to endorse it! 

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New! on the Blog

gathering_flyer_front.jpgA Gathering of the Farmers - Alice's Welcome Address

Couldn't make it to the Gathering of the Farmers? Check out Alice's opening remarks and some sweet photos from the day! "...Our community is also defined by a shared understanding that the best food possible is produced by working with nature as a partner, an ally, and a source of life, not a problem to be managed..." Read more.

PA.Grassroots.Monique_Cow.jpgGrassroots Family Farm, Middleburg, PA

In a manner of speaking, Jesse Mattern's interest in farming sprouted from the soil. Monique Blais' passion for farming was sparked through a passion for good food. They met in the middle to start Grassroots Family Farm, and haven't looked back. Read more. 

GA.SpreadingOaks.Field2.jpgSpreading Oaks Farm, Dallas, GA

Farmers Ken and Patti Cook, and their son Jason, are no strangers to the trials and travails that the can weather bring. there's nothing better than the rain watering in seeds for you, but there is nothing worse than late frost killing half of your precious tomato seedlings. For the folks at Spreading Oaks Farm, it's the incredible support of their customers that keeps them going in the face of the ice and snow and storms and blazing sun. Read more.


Congratulations and Welcome!

...to the farmers and beekeepers who recently completed the CNG program requirements. And a BIG thanks to those who recently completed their work requirement: conducting an inspection. 

Grassroots Co., AZ

Henderson Family Farm, AZ

Lakeviewfarms, AR

Wise Earth Farm, BC

Sandspur Farms, FL

Be at Peace Farms, GA

McBride Family Farm, GA

The Pastures of Rose Creek LLC, GA

Broad View Farms, GA

Heritage Mountain Farm, GA

Little Bit Farm, GA

Jennings Apiaries, LA

Hope Honey Farm, MD

Gaia Greenhouse Enterprises, LLC, MD

Bountiful Harvest Farms, MS

Tubby Creek Farm, MS

Jones Family Farm, NC

Jeff's Gourmet Garlic Farm, OH

Lil' Ponderosa Enterprises, PA

Coldwater Bottom Gardens, TN

Summer Run Farm, LLC, WA

~Find a complete list of all CNG producers at naturallygrown.org/producers


In good soil and good health, 
Alice, Hannah, and Nicole