Senior Remote Inspectors (SRI) Program Overview


The pandemic has made it especially challenging for some CNG farmers to complete their annual inspection requirements. So we are taking a new approach, building upon our Remote Inspection Policy to identify a set of Senior Remote Inspectors (SRIs) who qualify to conduct multiple inspections remotely (or in person) and receive valuable perks.

SRIs agree to the following

  • You're available to conduct remote inspections upon request by CNG staff, and
  • You're willing to conduct multiple inspections (whether remote or on-site) per year
  • You'll adhere by the Inspection Guidelines, Remote Inspection Policy and Remote Inspection Checklists 
  • You’ll prioritize inspections for CNG farms at risk of suspension (their most recent inspection was conducted more than 14 months ago) and those referred by CNG staff
  • You’ll provide feedback and insights to CNG whenever you have suggestions to help ensure we continuously improve our inspection processes

Perks for Confirmed SRIs

  • Credit toward their certification dues based on the number of Qualified Inspections conducted. (See definition of Qualified Inspection below). In particular...
    • Conduct 3 Qualified Inspections, receive $100 credit toward the minimum certification dues
    • Conduct 4 Qualified Inspections, consider the minimum certification dues of $150 paid for the year
  • An enhanced listing on the CNG website enabling members to search for SRIs to conduct their remote inspection
  • The opportunity to connect with a greater number of CNG producers, and to make a valuable contribution to our grassroots initiative

Requirements to Become a Confirmed SRI

  • Your farm has been CNG for at least three years
  • You have personally conducted on-site CNG inspections for at least two different farms
  • You’ve completed the SRI application online (instructions below)
  • You’ve participated in CNG's SRI training (details coming)
  • You’ve completed the SRI Declaration
  • Your application has been both “Accepted” and then “Certified”, the last step!

Terms and Conditions (aka “the fine print”)

  • Definition of “Qualified Inspection” (n.)
    An inspection, either remote or in-person, counts as a Qualified Inspection only if it:
    • has been reviewed by CNG staff and determined to comply with CNG’s Inspection Guidelines and Remote Inspection Policy, and it 
    • was conducted for a farm whose most recent inspection was at least 14 months ago, or for a new member referred by CNG staff.
  • Qualified Inspections must all have been completed within a 14 month window in order to be tallied together to qualify to receive a dues waiver (In other words, you haven’t met the threshold for a dues waiver if you’ve done three Qualified Inspections but they were spread out over the course of 3 years... or 15+ months).
  • Applications to become a Confirmed SRI are filed on behalf of a specific individual person, rather than a farm, because it is intended to determine the farming experience of the prospective SRI’s. If one member of a farming pair qualifies as an SRI, that doesn't mean the other member of the pair also qualifies. Rather, both farming partners should apply separately if they wish to be eligible to conduct inspections that count toward a dues waiver. (This requirement is sometimes waived for couples whose farming experience substantially overlaps.) If more than one person on a farm applies to be an SRI, each individual applying should be listed on the farm’s CNG profile (which can be updated by logging into a farm’s certification account - see below). 
  • If more than one person on a farm is a SRI, the inspections they conduct as individuals may be combined to qualify for the farm's certification dues to be waived. 
  • In contrast, when considering whether an inspection is a “repeat” inspection or “traded”, what matters is the farm from which the inspector comes, rather than the individual farmer. This means that if Edna and deShawn Brown are both farmers at Brown’s Farm, and they are both SRIs, if Edna inspects Green Acres Farm in 2019, then it would be considered a “repeat inspection” if deShawn Brown inspected Green Acres in 2020, because he is from the same farm as Edna.
  • If an SRI conducts inspections for a single farm with two certification types, such Produce and Livestock, it counts as 1.5 inspections.

How to Apply for SRI Status

  1. Login to your certification account 
  2. From your dashboard, click the link to "Submit New Application for Certification" (upper left corner in red letters)
  3. Under "Choose Applications" check the bottom box, for Senior Remote Inspector
  4. Answer a few short questions, then click the red button that says "Continue" at bottom

How to Complete the SRI Confirmation Process 

Once your application to become an SRI is accepted, there are a few steps you'll need to take to finish the process of becoming a confirmed SRI who is listed on the CNG website. 

  1. Review this SRI Program Overview page (looks like you're almost done!)
  2. Sign the SRI Declaration which affirms your understanding of what’s required and expected of SRIs.
  3. Contact Cathy to let her know you’d like to participate in the SRI training. She can be reached at [email protected] or 845 262 2551.
  4. Lastly, complete a remote inspection, adhering to the Remote Inspection Checklists, and return the completed Inspection Worksheets to [email protected]. Include a note indicating you're in the process of qualifying to be a confirmed SCI, so we can record promptly that this requirement has been completed. 

We will send you a congratulatory email once the process is complete! 

How to Claim Credit Toward Your Certification Due