The Newest Food Co-ops to Join our Directory

Posted on January 04, 2018


Growing numbers of food co-ops and independent grocers are highlighting that they provide food sourced from Certified Naturally Grown farms. (photo from Food Conspiracy Co-op in Tucson, AZ)

We’re rewarding the coops and grocers that recognize, prefer and even require CNG certification by listing them in our Markets Directory. These three different levels of engagement with Certified Naturally Grown are indicated by one, two or three flowers next to their listing.

This fall, we were pleased to identify four additional food co-ops who qualified to be listed in our Markets Directory. Plus, one of our longstanding co-op allies took the steps to be upgraded to a three-flower rating by requiring their produce farmers to obtain certification of their practices, including CNG certification as one of the recommended options.

These food co-ops go the extra mile by ensuring that their produce, meat and honey comes from local, sustainable farms, whose growing practices they highlight with pride. If you’re curious about why many food co-ops prefer Certified Naturally Grown producers, read our recent blog post, Food Co-ops and Markets that Prefer CNG.

photo from The Merchants Garden, a CNG aquaponics producer, at Food Conspiracy Co-op

A warm welcome to the newest co-ops to join our directory!


Food Conspiracy Food Co-op (upgraded to three flowers)


New Leaf Market Co-op

New York

Abundance Food Co-op

South Dakota

Breadroots Natural Foods Co-op


Three Rivers Market Co-op

Do you know of a food co-op or independent grocer that’s supporting Certified Naturally Grown farmers, or might be interested? Tell us about them here.


How do food co-ops and grocers earn a listing in our Markets Directory?

Here are some of the actions they take --

  • Indicate which farms have earned CNG certification on the store’s website
  • Display CNG brochures or farm cards
  • Provide a definition of Certified Naturally Grown on their website and/or vendor Applications
  • Add Certified Naturally Grown as a preferred certification on their Vendor Applications
  • Require that vendors are Certified Naturally Grown in order to participate
  • State on their websites or promotional materials that they work with Certified Naturally Grown farmers


Food Conspiracy Co-op in Tucson, AZ featuring banners of CNG growers