Twist Ties: An Easy Way to Add Value to Your Veggies

Posted on May 03, 2018

Twist Ties for Vegetables

Twist ties are an easy marketing tool for farmers--and they're as stylish as they are practical! Our ties feature the fun hand-drawn and the CNG logo, which compliment your beautiful produce while drawing attention to your growing practices. They're sturdy, colorful, and water resistant. 



Our ties come in lengths of 12" and 18", in bundles of 500, in a variety of combinations (like 2 or 5 bundles of all the same length, or combinations of different lengths). All of these options are available in the CNG store, but they're only visible if you've logged into your certification account first. 

Order Twist Ties

Since we started selling them in 2014, Certified Naturally Grown twist ties have been a popular option for vegetable growers in our organization. 

As member Elizabeth Lassiter of Lost Weekend Farms in Madison, Tennessee, puts it: "The ties are an easy way to keep marketing our way of growing, long after customers leave the market!" A photo of her twist ties around root vegetables is below. 



Let your customers know that they can trust their farmer, and how their food is grown, with CNG twist ties!


Photo Credits:

Top: Working Over Thyme Farm

Bottom Left: Fredericksburg Area CSA, which requires their growers to be either Certified Naturally Grown or organic

Bottom Right: Enon Valley Garlic