Peer Inspections With Impact

Help power the impact of peer inspections for hardworking farmers! 

Boost learning for CNG growers like Tooth of the Lion Farm!

You know as well as we do that farming is a knowledge-intensive occupation, and insights shared by experienced farmers can significantly boost the odds of success. Helping farmers to connect with their equally busy peers is quite challenging - but it is invaluable.

It’s also central to CNG’s peer review certification model.

Your special gift will help to enhance the ease of connecting hardworking farmers with peers for inspections, and the value of those interactions when they happen. 

We are starting to pair the most experienced farmers with newer members, while providing more guidance on how to deliver a top-quality inspection, and incentivizing peers to conduct multiple inspections annually.

Can you chip in to help create even more impactful inspections through our new Mentorship program?

When you give, you'll support CNG inspections that:

Build Community

Boost Knowledge

Create Critical Networks

Grow Profits with Values

CNG inspections are about more than checking the boxes of our high growing standards. They are crucial pathways for farmers to find community. Farming is a knowledge-intensive occupation, and insights shared by experienced farmers during inspections can significantly boost the odds of success.

Peer inspections go far beyond paperwork: they help connect like-minded farmers who choose to grow in harmony with nature.

Growing food is a labor of love. With the technical and community-based support of enhanced CNG inspections, farms will see greater returns on their hard work. 

By way of thanks, we'll send new monthly sustainers two hand-drawn CNG bandanas, festooned with seasonal roots, oyster mushrooms, seeds, and crisp greens. (Designed by our own talented Aly Miller, of course!)


Because of you, our group of community-minded growers will have the best chance of success.

Thank you for your support!