Winter 2016 Newsletter

Posted on January 25, 2016

We are pleased to present the inaugural issue of our quarterly newsletter. The Harvest Quarterly will arrive only once every three months, so enjoy it while it's fresh! 

Best wishes for a great season in 2016!    
Alice and Aly

Numbers.pngThe Year In Numbers

We thought we'd pause to appreciate some numbers that reflect our work in 2015. Can you guess how many applications we reviewed last year? (More than one for every day of the year!) Do you know which state has the most CNG producers, by a long shot? Find the answers to those questions and some more numbery nuggets right here.

Mushroom_1.jpgDraft CNG Mushroom Standards Published

Who loves to grow mushrooms? And who loves to eat them? These groups include a lot of people! So we convened a stellar team of experts to serve on our Mushroom Advisory Council and help us draft robust standards to guide CNG mushroom production. 

Check out our Draft Standards, and register to be notified when our new program is launched at With this initiative, we will continue to set a high bar for ecological food production and support the farmers at the heart of the good food movement. As always, we welcome your feedback. 

Aquaponics.JPGAquaponics Program Will Launch Soon 

Who loves fresh salad greens in the depth of winter? Even better if they're grown by someone in the community, right? Increasingly, this is an option in many communities, thanks in part to the growing popularity of aquaponic food production. In mere days we will launch the first ever certification program tailored specifically for aquaponic producers. This new program will promote best practices in ecological aquaponics. You can review our aquaponics standards and register to be notified when the program is officially launched at

Stand_Out_In_Your_Field.pngStand Out In Your Field

We know farming is challenging enough without adding on the need for marketing. But successful farmers manage to invest energy in both. Put your attention on marketing during the slower winter months to get a jump on the season. We offer marketing lessons to get you up to speed, as well as two free services for qualified participants: logo design or a marketing video. Apply online at Stand Out In Your Field. And check out the videos and logos we've produced so far - they're gorgeous!

banner_icon_orange-01.pngDesign Services

We'll work with you to design an attractive banner or business cards at an affordable price. We have CNG-themed templates, if you'd like to underscore your certification, or Aly can develop a custom banner with your own look. Matching business cards are optional. View the templates and details here.

 Be A Friend of CNG

helpusgrowOrigins3.PNGHelp keep CNG growing strong: become a Friend of CNG with a donation of any amount. 

We'll use it to continue promoting the farmers who are working in harmony with nature to produce food for their local communities. Thank you!


Welcome to New Members:

We welcome these farmers and beekeepers who have recently completed all the requirements to be Certified Naturally Grown. Find out if there any new CNG producers in your neighborhood on our searchable map here.

Villines Family Farm, ARdecember2015news2.jpg
Purple Sage Farm, LLC, AZ
Lewis' Hen House and Veggie Farm, AZ
DR Farm LLC dba Desert Roots Farm, AZ
Temple View You Pick, AZ
Rattle box Farm, AZ
Proverbs 24:13 Apiary, AZ
Farm Lot 59, CA
Farmington Herbals, GA
Grass Knit Farm LLC, GA
Uncle T's Organic Sprout Farm, GA
Noble Pastures, IA
Burning Oak Farm, IL
Orange City Farms, LA
Not Enough Acres Farm, MA
R & B Farm, MI
Gourmet gardens, MI
Gaddys Farm, NC
Humblebee Farm, NS
Nine Mile Farm, NY
Freedom Farm, OH
Country Roots/Greenhouse LLC, PA
Homesweet Homegrown, PA
Topsail Farm, PA
3 Sisters Farm, TN
Solace Farm Homestead, TN
Three Sister Farms, TX
BeeLand, LLC, UT
Guerra Gardens, VA
Maplewood Gardens, WI
Morning Star Family Farm, WI


All CNG producers are listed on our website. (Yes, it is up to date!)  

Want to get on this map? Get Certified!