Winter 2018 Newsletter

Posted on March 07, 2018

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We have news about our new membership campaign, our partnership with FarmSpread, our first business allies, and perks for market managers who refer farmers to CNG.

Congratulations to Our Newly Certified Members:

We are delighted to recognize the 52 farmers and beekeepers who have completed all the requirements for CNG certification since mid-November. They are listed below alphabetically by state and province. 

New CNG Farmers

Arkansabi Farms, AR
Early Byrd Farm, AR
Fat Top Farm, Inc., AR
Middle Fork Farm, AR
Money Farms, AR
Patchwork Farm, CA
A Gardens Glory, FL
Harvest Bee Farms, FL
Lox Farms, FL
Clubhouse Incubator Garden, GA
Cross & Thistle Apothecary, GA
Fortner Farms, GA
Geodesic Sustainable Farm, GA
Hearts of Harvest Farm, GA
MCDonald Farm, GA
Nilza Kuhlmann, GA
Urban Eden, GA
Wandering Trails Farm, GA
Bee Boys, HI
Vertical Edge Garlic, ID
Silver Creek Farms, LLC, IL
Timber Creek Farms, KS
Bramble Trampler Farm, LLC, KY
Irish Acres Farm Apiary, KY
Lina Mae Farms, KY
River's Edge Farm, KY
Mustard Seed Microfarm, MA

Valley Farms Naturally Grown, ME
Garlic and Garlic, MI
Interlochen Center for the Arts, MI
The Mannor Farm, MI
Newbill of Health Urban Farm, NC
Blue Box Farm, NM
Freville Farm, LLC, NY
Grey Rock Farm, NY
Peace and Carrots Farm, NY
BJ Gourmet Garlic Farm, OH
HoneyMax Garlic, OH
Lovelight Herb Farm, OR
Peach Rock Farm, OR
Mid-Valley Organics, Inc., PA
Canebrake Apiary, SC
Abundant Acres, TN
Eco-Rich Farms, TN
Olive Trunk Farms, TX
Texas Eco Farms, TX
Nisani Farm, VA
Green Wave Gardens, WA
Fresh Flavor Ltd, AB
Blumen Fields Flower Farm, BC
Rolling Hill, NS
No Plow Heirloom Farm, ON


New CNG Farmers 2018

To find a list of all the CNG producers in your area, visit our searchable map here. Want to get listed? Get Certified! 

Our Goal: 200 New CNG Applications by April 15th

We're more than half way to our goal of 200 new applications for CNG certification by mid-April! 

Do you know a farmer who would be a good fit for CNG? Or maybe you are that farmer! Now is the time to submit your application -- before the season gets busier. Plus we're offering a $25 Gift Card to producers who apply by April 15th, redeemable on anything in the CNG store upon certification. That includes marketing materials, caps, and certification dues. 

CNG farmers who refer new members also get a $25 Gift Card! Find referral resources for members on our Campaign Page. Ready to apply? Start the process to get CNG Certified here

For fun, check out our map of North America that shows which states have produced the most applications, and how far and wide we're reaching.

Welcome Charter Business Allies! 

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Business Allies program, which will enable us to recognize the businesses who support our work financially and by helping us reach new audiences. Find out how to become a Business Ally here

Welcome to our Charter Business Allies!

Drew's Organics
Grower's Discount Labels
Harris Seeds Organic
Victory Seed Company

Partnership with Farmspread Promotes CNG Farms 

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Farmspreada comprehensive farmers market management platform, which will enable farmers to feature their Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) status on their vendor profile page. Farmspread was created to promote direct sales of farm and artisan products while supporting the expansion of alternative food distribution channels such as farmers markets. This new partnership between CNG and Farmspread promises to boost the online presence of CNG producers who choose to participate, and introduce our certification program to many new local food enthusiasts, and the farmers who feed them. 

Free Sign for Markets that Recognize CNG Producers

Recognize CNG Sign

Our Markets Directory features farmers markets and food co-ops that recognize and prefer Certified Naturally Grown farmers. More than a dozen listings have been added since November. 

At the request of a market manager, we created a new sign available exclusively to the markets and co-ops that qualify to be listed in our Markets Directory. This sign - depicted at right - says "We're proud to recognize CNG producers at this market" and "Look for this label".

Should your favorite market or independent grocer be listed in our Markets Directory? Please let us know

To dig deeper, check out our blog post profiling Farmers Markets that Require High Standards with Certification and one featuring Co-ops and Grocers that Prefer CNG

Map of CNG farmersAll CNG producers are listed on our website. 

Would you like your farm on this map? Get Certified!  

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