Winter 2017 Newsletter

Posted on March 14, 2017


We had an action-packed winter at CNG, certifying 51 farms since September and renewing hundreds of longtime members. We are pleased to announce several new initiatives to strengthen our community of farmers, markets, and supporters. Not subscribed to our newsletter yet? Click here to get the Harvest Quarterly delivered to your inbox.  


adam.pngSeeking Photographers for Farmers 

Great photos can make a huge difference in a farm’s storytelling and marketing. So last fall we began to connect CNG farmers with photographers, to help capture the beauty, as well as the sweat, grit, and sheer determination required of sustainable farmers. Through our #CNGgrit program, photographers can expand their portfolios while helping out a local farm.

Read our latest blog post for more information.

Tell us here if you’re interested in taking photographs, or if you're a CNG farmer who wants to participate.

Photo on the left is by Kristin Ryerson at Sassafrass Hill Farms 

map.pngCNG Markets Directory

We have created a directory of the farmers markets, co-ops and grocers that give preference to Certified Naturally Grown producers, or require their vendors hold a certification such as CNG. So far there are 50 listed in 20 states - most notably Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho and Virginia. We're pretty sure there are others that would qualify to be listed. 

garden.pngCalling All Gardeners

We are exploring ways to engage with all the like-minded gardeners who share our commitment to producing food without synthetic chemicals or GMOs. Before we get too far, we'd like to know which members of our current network are connected to gardening. (We're pretty clear about who the farmers are!)

Are you involved with school and community gardens? These are important spaces where ecological values are shared with neighbors and young students. Or perhaps you're a home gardener or a Master Gardener? We'd like to know that too! 

Please make your gardening identity known to us here
 and we'll keep you posted as our plans evolve this spring. Happy growing!

inspection.pngNew Way to Participate: Be a Local Coordinator

Be a part of the CNG support network! Local Coordinators, with assistance from the CNG staff, will help arrange members' annual on-site peer-reviews. Coordinators will ensure that CNG protocols are upheld while facilitating timely completion of the inspection requirement.

This is a great way to assist CNG farmers and play an important volunteer role within our grassroots organization. Ongoing training and support will be provided. Learn more and register your interest here!

tshirt.pngNew CNG T-Shirts: Feedback Wanted 

You may have noticed that we've designed some fun and colorful T-Shirts for our farmers and supporters! Many folks were delighted to get their CNG T-shirt at our booth during one of the winter conferences. Missed out? You can always find them in our T-Shirt Store

We’re interested in releasing new shirt designs later this year, but we’d like your feedback and suggestions before we start. Do you have an idea for a new design? Would you suggest alterations to our current designs? 

Please give us your feedback here!

brochure.pngFree Farmer Brochures 

Do you know any farmers and beekeepers who would be a good fit for CNG? Please introduce us to them! We're happy to mail you colorful Farmer Brochures. They explain CNG, how it compares to organic, and what's the process for getting certified.

To request Farmer Brochures, just send us a note via reply email (be sure to indicate your mailing address and how many brochures you would like to distribute). You can also place an order for them in the CNG store (they're free, but it’s $4 to ship if you order in store). Thanks in advance for recommending CNG to farmers you know! 

Congratulations to Our 51 Newly Certified Members:

We are delighted to recognize the 51 farmers and beekeepers who have completed all the requirements for CNG certification since mid September. Find the newly certified members listed below alphabetically by state and province. 

To find a list of all the CNG producers in your area, visit our searchable map here. Want to get your farm listed? Get Certified!


Mountain Meadows Farm, AL
Evansingston Farm, AR
Garden Girl Farm Fresh Produce, AR
Heifer Urban Farm, AR
Something to eat farm, AR 
Campbell Family Farm, CA
Juno Farm, CO
The Leafy Fish, CO 
Red Wagon Produce, FL 
Strawberry Moon farms, FL 
Heritage Farm, GA 
Narrow Way Farm, GA 
Rose Creek Organics, GA 
Urban Grange Farm, LLC, GA 
Walker Farms, GA 
Alley Family Farms, IL 
Bre- El Honey Farm, IN 
Coops and Crops Homestead, MD 
Savory Farm, MD 
Kelley Creek Gardens, MI 
Soul Springs Regenerative Arts, MI 
Eggert Great Garlic Farms, MN 
Dang Good Produce, MO 
Avaline's Farm, NC 
Just Ripe Farm, NC 
Red's Quality Acre, NC

The Sprouted Harvest, NC 
Erstwhile Farm, LLC NE, 
Pinelands Pure, NJ
Molino de la Isla Farmers Cooperative, NM 
Lahave River Berry Farm Inc., NS 
Clover Jack Farms, NY 
Green Heron Apiary, NY 
Morehead Cattle at Whispering Winds Farm, NY 
Royal Acres Farm, NY 
Garden of Eden-Eugene, OR 
Wing Shadow Farm, OR 
Juliet and Bros Organic Garlic, PA 
Kneehigh Farm, PA 
Limebank Hollow Farms, PA 
Star Cross Naturals, PA 
Saint Basil Farm, SC 
Harbin Hill Farms, TN 
Phillip's Farm, TN
Happy Earth Gardens, TX
Life Extension Organics, TX 
Bitwise Honey, UT 
Tiny Tempest Farm, WI
Moon on the Mountain Farm, WV
River Valley Farm, WV
Ward's Family Farm, WV

Earth Friendly Farm, NB