CNG in 2015 - The Year in Numbers

Posted on January 21, 2016

Numbers.pngAs we transition to a new year, we thought we'd pause to appreciate some numbers that reflect our work in 2015. 

A couple of these numbers are just for fun, but several are exactly what we were working toward. Read on see why we're feeling pretty good about the progress we all made in 2015.




Growing Interest


Number of applications submitted in 2015: 457

20_-01.pngIncrease over applications submitted in 2014: 20%

Percentage of 2015 applications that were approved and remain in good standing: 56%

Number of farmer-funded scholarships granted to beginning farmers: 19

Interest by StateGA_1.png

Ranking of Georgia among top 10 states* with the most CNG producers: 1

Number of CNG producers in the state of Georgia: 125

Percentage of CNG farms in the top 2 states with the most CNG farmers: 17% in Georgia and 8% in Pennsylvania

*The top 10 states with the most CNG producers are, in order, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Tennessee, Michigan, Arkansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Marketing Materials


Number of Twist Ties sent to CNG farmers: 171,000

Were those sent individually? Nope, we shipped 342 bundles of 500 ties each.

New Programs










Number of new certifications under development: 2



Number of new programs launched: 4

- CNG Ambassador Program

- Stand Out Design Services (Banners & Cards)

- Logo Design

- Video Development

Media AttentionNEWS_LOGOS.png

Number of national publications that ran stories about CNG: 9

Out and About


Number of CNG farmers that CNG staff met in person at events: ~91

Total number of CNG staff members: 3

Increase in staff size over 2014: 0%

Increase in general awesomeness of our grassroots initiative: hard to measure, but we're feeling pretty good!